Our Support Group

The Coventry (and Warwickshire) Support Group had its first meeting in September 2011 and it went so well. In all 14 other people were to follow, many of whom had never met anyone with ataxia before.  There we people of varying ages who have FA, CA and various other types as well as undiagnosed ataxias amongst us, as well as family, carers and friends.  Some of them told me afterwards how they half expected “doom and gloom” – they were pleasantly surprised!!

Since then our group has flourished and we now have nearly 30 members! Typically around 15 of them come to each meeting, which we hold every 6 weeks or so. We also organise events as a group like pub lunches and evenings at the theatre. For more information go to the events page.

To get a feel for what our group is all about, download our previous newsletters.

I have met some of the loveliest people since starting this group. I have learned so much from other people and have been inspired by their achievements, felt good about being able to emphasise with their similarities and have learned so much from their differences. Together we can move forward!

Please contact me if you'd like to add your email to our mailing list or just to say hello! We also have a Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you...